Sinergie XXVIII Annual Conference

The complex development of the effects of digitalisation require that multiple visions must be correctly applied to understand the value that it represents to countries, economies, firms and individuals. Theoretical contributions, empirical analyses, experiences and reflections developed from the perspective of management studies and aimed at evaluating the ability of the digital context to generate value constitute the main focus of the conference.

The topic of Conference will be debated at alternating plenary and parallel sessions at the conference from Thursday, 9 June 2016 to Friday, 10 June 2016.

The plenary sessions will be held by invited keynote speakers selected because of their academic or professional experience.

During the parallel sessions, papers (selected following a double blind peer review process) will be presented. Further, one or more sessions will be dedicated to extended abstracts and thus provide participants with an opportunity to present their projects and benefit from the comments and suggestions of the chairs and other participants. Papers and extended abstracts may be submitted in English or Italian. Papers and abstracts may be edited in British or American English.






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